Southeast Region

At US Framing, our team is determined to provide exceptional services and top-rated products and equipment to each of our clients. This is made possible through the experience we have attained over the years serving the industry as the leader in wood framing solutions. Our portfolio comprises a series of clients from various sectors that need assistance to work on their structures which expand over 10,000 square feet in size. Work with US Framing if you wish to collaborate with a team who never misses a deadline.

About the Southeast Region

The American Southeast refers to the broad eastern region of the southern United States as well as the southern region of the eastern United States. The Southeast is made up of at least a core of states that are found off the lower East Coast and the eastern portion of Gulf Coast.

Wood Framing Pre-Design & 3-D Modeling Services in the Southeast Region

By working alongside MiTek®, US Framing is able to lead the way in wood framing within the area of Building Information Modeling. Every project is handled through the usage of advanced technologies on top of state-of-the-art control designs and framing procedures. These processes allow us to achieve the right design at a very early stage.

Wood Framing Pre-Construction Services in the Southeast Region

We take the pre-construction stage of every project seriously as this is the phase where problems can be resolved efficiently. Our team is experienced in tackling any issues pertaining to design and construction of wood frames through the aid of 3D models for a more expansive display. This step will allow us to come up with the most effective and cost-efficient processes that match the requirements of each project.

Wood Framing Construction Services in the Southeast Region

A proper set of sequence and schedule is assigned to each project as a start before other deliverables are incorporated accordingly. Our team takes each deadline seriously to ensure every project gets completed within the dedicated timeframe without fail. Subsequently, an official punch process comprising of proven checklists will be produced to signify the end of a successful project completion.

Wood Framing Project Management Services in the Southeast Region

Our team at US Framing specializes in project management which involves collaborating with each client closely to retrieve important details that can facilitate the smooth operation of each project.

Types of Markets US Framing Serves in the Southeast Region

  • Apartment
  • Commercial
  • Hotels
  • Assisted Living
  • Estate Home
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing & Industrial
  • Multi-Family Residential
  • CIL Mass Timber
  • Timber Framing
  • Senior Living
  • Steel Stud Framing
  • … and more!

Why Work with US Framing?

US Framing is the industrial leader in wood framing to collaborate with where there are experienced specialists who work hand-in-hand to meet tight deadlines. We have worked with countless clients to date, working on an average of 15,000,000 square feet of area each year. Our team of rough carpentry experts has attained ample experience over the years by working with industry specialists including leaders in digital design. The skills and knowledge obtained so far will ensure that each framing project will be undertaken with ease and expertise.

For more information about our wood framing solutions in the Southeast Region, feel free to schedule an appointment with us today. You may also contact the following personnel: 

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