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US Framing constructs each project by site-specific requirements and our own Job Management Process (JMP). With more than 40 years of accumulated knowledge, US Framing’s JMP complements contract documents by providing exceptional workforce consistency and efficiency.

Job Management Process (JMP) is a collaborative effort with our clients. US Framing will guide you from start to finish. We will work with you to establish a production schedule, quality control, agreed upon punch-process, and closeout procedures.

Our construction services are broken down into two main service areas:

US Framing will work with you to establish a sequence and schedule to get your project complete on time. We have the experience to help you achieve your goals.

Starting a construction project well is important, but it is just as important for your project to end well.

If you require any type of construction project completed, look no further than our team at US Framing to assist you with the entire process from start to finish. We understand that you may have unique needs and requirements for your building, regardless of whether you are constructing an apartment complex, healthcare facility, shopping center or hotel. To this end, we always seek to understand your needs through a thorough consultation before recommending the most suitable framing approach for you.

Understanding the Construction Market

Within the construction market, there are numerous different types of building and framing approaches. At US Framing, we specialize in wood framing, cross-laminated timber framing (CLT) as well as metal stud and industrial framing. The approach that will work best for you largely depends on your needs and preferences. Below are some factors we will take into consideration before recommending the most suitable method for your project:

  • Fire Resistance: Fire resistance is an important safety feature of any building. Although the combustibility of each framing approach differs, we can recommend the best one for you based on your priorities, which can include structural integrity, the ability to withstand the effects of fire and many more.
  • Thermal Insulation: While every type of building will require some kind of thermal insulation to maintain a regulated and comfortable temperature, this can be more important in certain locations and building types than others. If you are located in an area that experiences really cold winters, this may be more of a priority for you. In addition, facilities such as nursing homes may also place more priority on thermal insulation.
  • Noise Insulation: Noise insulation can be more important for buildings such as hotels, resorts, apartments, and senior living complexes. It is typically less of a concern in shopping centers, for instance. Depending on the level of noise insulation you require, we can work with your needs to implement a suitable framing method for your project.

Benefits of Wood Framing for Construction Projects

Wood framing is a popular option today for numerous reasons, however, one of them is its speed and efficiency of construction. Cross-laminated timber (CLT) is a popular method of wood framing, and it only uses half the energy required to construct a concrete building. As fixtures like doors and windows can be prefabricated onsite before being transported and assembled onsite, this allows the construction process to commence with minimal wastage of time and resources. However, at US Framing, we are more than a wood framing contractor and can work with you on other types of framing methods.

Why Should Construction Developers Work with US Framing?

When you engage our services, you can enjoy peace of mind that your project will be done right the first-time round. We make use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) to identify any potential problems and formulate solutions before the construction process begins. You will always be kept up to date on building progress through a comprehensive timeline and written checklist.

If you are looking to hire a trusted wood framing subcontractor who specializes in construction development projects, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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