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US Framing approaches each project with uniformity, flexibility, and expertise.

Project Management the US Framing way.

As the nation’s leader in wood construction, US Framing brings to our projects key team members who are experienced and have proven track records in all of the services that we offer.

We realize that each project is different.


The US Framing way.

Let us guide you through the seamless process of getting your wood framing project completed.



Startup Organization

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If you are looking to hire an experienced project manager for your commercial construction project, US Framing can help. Our highly trained wood framing project management specialists can supervise, coordinate, and plan the construction of your projects from start to finish. We have also helped many clients secure licenses, building permits, and negotiated contracts. In some cases, problems may arise during a certain phase of your wood framing project. That’s why our project managers are always read to respond to emergencies, delays, and suppliers. You are in good hands.


Understanding Project Management


Commercial property development projects are driven by business cycles and even population growth. Therefore, new construction is needed to create more space for new hires. Each construction project is unique because every owner has a different view of the structure and design of their building. At US Framing, we have years of experience managing large-scale commercial construction projects, especially in the areas of safety administration, quality administration, communication, as well as time and cost management. Our team works hard to achieve your goals, so you can count on us to help streamline production schedules and build lasting relationships.


In addition to providing project management expertise, US Framing also offers top-quality wood construction and provides the best possible customer service at the most competitive rates. We have an unwavering commitment to continually achieving the best quality and service, which translates into meeting clients’ requirements and expectations consistently and efficiently, while optimizing production.


Why is Project Management Important?


From warehouses to high-rise buildings, larger-scale wood framing construction projects typically begins from scratch, so they need to be managed professionally. Expertise and experience with these types of projects are crucial because of the attention to detail with local business codes, safety, labor, and budget.


How does US Framing’s Project Management Services work?


We manage wood framing projects the US Framing way. The goal is to guide clients through the seamless process of getting their projects completed, which consists of:


US Framing strives to complete all clients’ projects on time or (if possible) ahead of scheduled deadlines. That’s why we have achieved a reputation of being one of the most speedy and efficient wood framing specialists in the United States.


Why Choose US Framing’s Project Management Services?


At US Framing, we are recognized as the nation’s leader in wood construction. Our fully insured company has been in business for over four decades and have managed a wide variety of projects, including military housing, large multi-family urban infill properties, student housing, assisted living properties, hotels, CLT, and much more. We use our manpower, know-how, vision, and experience to make your wood framing project a success. Because we aim to build long-lasting relationships with our clients, we provide fair and reasonable pricing.


If you want to learn more about our project management services and the impact it has on the overall framing process, feel free to contact us today.

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