About US Framing

US Framing Group was built by hard work, innovation, and expectations to be the best.


USF Group was founded in the early 90s and over the years we have framed all types of projects including hotels, large multi-family urban infill, assisted living, student housing, a wide variety of apartments, and military housing just to name a few. Over the years we have become the nation’s largest multi-family wood framing group working border to border and coast to coast. We provide some of the highest quality service and are experts in large-scale wood framing. We have the experience, vision, know-how and manpower to make wood framing jobs a success.

40 Years of Experience

With more than 40 years of experience, US Framing has seen virtually every type of wood project imaginable. Whether building one of the largest wood projects in America or a small local hotel, US Framing drives home quality and brings the project in on time.


From our modest beginnings to the nation’s leading framing contracting, US Framing has maintained focus on building and lasting relationships with our clients. We work to ensure our product exceeds your expectation so we can continue to work together in the future.

US Framing Wood Construction Nations Best
US Framing Wood Construction Best In The World

Our Mission. Our Goals.

US Framing takes pride in everything we do. We treat co-workers and customers like family more than mere business associates. We put people first. ‘Our’ goals, decisions, and actions focus on creating a better future for everyone associated with US Framing and make the wood framing industry better as a whole.


Our mission: Hold ourselves to a higher standard and be the premier wood framer in North America. Through higher standards, hard work, and innovation we never stop trying to improve


Our goal: Constant and never-ending improvement. Continue to be the nation’s premiere wood framing group lead the industry in standards, safety and innovation to keep satisfied customers.


We specialize in large Multi-Family projects, we also have the knowledge and practical experience to assist you in value engineering, budgeting, pre-planning, and problem solving for your next large project. Our managers and superintendents are familiar with the latest Building Codes and Standards, helping you avoid unnecessary problems. As well as streamline production schedules. We work hard to achieve your goals and build lasting relationships…and you can rest easy knowing we are fully insured.

Quality of Service

Our goal is to provide the highest quality wood construction, a safe working environment, and the best customer service at the most competitive prices. We are dedicated to continually achieving the best quality and service. Our, quality translates into meeting our customer requirements in a consistent and efficient manner, while optimizing production.

Competitive Pricing

We also provide fair and reasonable pricing that will keep you coming back for your future projects. We can also provide our apartment, and commercial clients with the same pricing structure from job to job. We can look at pricing for multifamily multiple jobs.

Timely Completion

We strive to complete our projects on time or ahead of scheduled dates and deadlines. We understand the value to our client for achieving completion.  We pride being one of the most efficient and speedy rough carpentry groups in America.

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