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When you are starting a new construction project, the most crucial first step is the pre-construction phase. At US Framing, we recognize the importance of pre-construction in laying the basis for the project’s success. We are committed to working closely with clients to develop a concrete overall plan for the project. Our pre-construction team is highly-skilled with decades of experience, and we can provide you with comprehensive guidance on all aspects of the construction process so that we can make the best decisions for your project together.

Understanding Pre-Construction

Pre-construction is the foundation upon which the entire project is built. During the pre-construction phase, important decisions regarding building design, type of materials used, budget, schedule, risk assessment, and many more are made. An effective pre-construction phase will ensure that your project will flow smoothly during construction and that you will be satisfied with the outcome. At US Framing, we value our clients’ time and opinions, so we always approach clients proactively to facilitate communication on the project goals. Our team aims to deliver the results you expect in an efficient and flexible manner.

Our company specializes in large wood construction projects and we have worked on all kinds of wood framing. With our experience and expertise, you can be assured that our pre-construction team is capable of devising the most cost-effective plan and the most efficient way to carry out your project. You can trust that we are detailed in our risk analysis and can help you minimize any potential problems before they occur.

Why Is Pre-Construction Important?

The pre-construction phase is critical because proper planning and risk analysis will prevent major problems during the construction process. Deciding on the project’s goals and scope during pre-construction enables us to have a clear idea of what the end result should be. Making changes during the pre-construction phase instead of during the construction process also saves our clients a significant amount of time and money.

How Does US Framing’s Pre-Construction Services work?

At US Framing, we prioritize efficiency and effectiveness. Our pre-construction services consist of two equally important parts:

  • Pre-design
  • Startup

The pre-design team uses advanced 3D technology to build a digital version of the project building so that clients can get an idea of what it will look like and can make the necessary changes to the digital version. We will also reach out to clients to record essential information and ensure that we are understanding your expectations clearly.

Why Choose US Framing’s Pre-Construction Services?

US Framing consists of a dedicated team that has had decades of experience in the industry. We are confident that we have encountered almost all types of wood framing projects imaginable, so you can count on us to provide you with feasible and effective solutions. We are highly driven to complete all projects on time or before deadlines, and whether we are working on a small-scale framing project or one of America’s largest wood projects, we remain consistent with the quality of our services.

If you want to learn more about our pre-construction services and the impact it has on the overall framing process, feel free to contact us today.

Our pre-construction services are broken down into two main service areas:


We do our best to build the building and work out the problems before we begin framing.  3-D modeling helps US Framing and our clients to see the issues in real-time.

US Framing gathers the necessary information from you to ensure we are proactive in getting the job started correctly. We guide our client through this process to help ensure a successful wood frame project.


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