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Every Great Piece of Art Needs Its Frame  -Apeiron Construction

In North America, where trees are plentiful and lumber remains the dominant material used in new-builds throughout the nation, the construction industry depends heavily on good quality wood framing services.

A better way to frame  -Construction Today

With over two decades worth of experience in large timber frame construction, US Framing provides unparalleled services to contractors on a range of structures, from multifamily homes to assisted living facilities.

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1. Jeff Carrico, Chief Operating Officer at White-Spunner Construction

We just finished using your firm on two projects, both went well. We will definitely be in touch when the need arises.

2. Marty Wohl, President at Marmer Construction, Inc

Since we recently exchanged emails about future work I thought I would reach out to you regarding the small project named Jordan Bayou we are working on in Carrabelle, FL. Mark is our rep and we have been very pleased with his responsiveness and your teams knowledge and professionalism. We have been negotiating payment terms so I would like to have a quick conversation with you tomorrow regarding this as it will also relate to future projects.

3. Michael Hollowell, Chief Estimator at NDC Construction Company

I know you are broadcasting this to a number of people here at NDC. I received it yesterday from you and have since had it forwarded to me by others in NDC who you sent it to.
I realize and appreciate your effort but I have been inviting and receiving bids from you for the three years I have been here. I have been talking and soliciting bids from Mike Breda for the three years I have been here at NDC as well as a couple of years with my former employer.
Mike and US Framing have been very responsive and I believe it is just a matter of time until we do a project together.

4. Frank Lott, President/Founder at Lotts Builds

I know of you and dealt with you in my days with Merit/Dover. Excellent company you have and will contact if any wood framing needs. Doing mostly fit outs these days.

5. Peter Swale

Michelle Lopez was a pleasure to deal with!

Sacramento Calderon


2 months ago

US Framing Field Personnel acquire extensive knowledge of the complex  wood construction industry. They take pride of their work from start to finish. The absolute best in the country!!

Jimmy Richardson


2 months ago

This company has giving me one of the best Jobs on US soil, I have worked here for two years and learned a tremendous amount of lessons on how our crews run, detailed blueprint reading, invoicing and reports, they treat you just as your own family will, if you mess up they are guaranteed to learn you the correct way of doing business after your stern lecture on what you did wrong, great company, good folks that work there.

Ash Ismailovski


2 months ago

Extremely professional & experts in their field! They have a wide breadth of knowledge in wood frame construction and management, and their team is a pleasure to work with.

Heather Blackshear


2 months ago

US Framing provides quality work and professionalism. Great company.

Patrick Powers


2 months ago

Very efficient, great workers, management, beautiful framing. Truly is a framing family.

Jamil Zabaneh


a year ago

Amazing company to work with !!

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