CLT & Timber Framing

Today, cross-laminated timber is useful in an array of construction applications. Its panels have been used for roofs, floors, and walls in both non-load-bearing and load-bearing structures. In addition, the material can be used to construct low-, mid-, and high-rise properties (up to 30 floors). Cross Laminated Timber  is the future of wood framing construction.

CLT is more stable than other types of hardwood; it eliminates the inconsistencies normally found in unmodified wood. Thanks to the panels’ cross-grain layers, CLT is less likely to deform under the effects of moisture. The good thing about cross-laminated timber is that it can be prefabricated off-site and then assembled on site. This significantly speeds up the construction process, reduces waste, and releases less pollutants like dust and noise. Compared to concrete, it requires half the energy to manufacture and erect CLT structures.

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