Production Framing

Do you have a commercial or residential building project that requires production framing? If so, look no further than US Framing for all your needs. With our over 40 years of experience, we are able to deliver the services you need with ease and confidence. We also provide value-added services by assisting you with the entire process from pre-design all the way to project management and completion. However, do take note that we can only provide wooden framing services for projects that are over 10,000 square feet.

About Production Framing

In the process of building any structure or building, framing is the next step after the foundation has been laid. As implied by its name, during the process of framing, the framework of the building will be laid out. This includes beams, walls, partitions, doors, and window openings and many more. In other words, production framing is all about building the “skeleton” of a building.

Frames can be made of many different materials, the most common ones being concrete and steel. Wood, especially cross-laminated timber (CLT) has been gaining popularity in recent years ever since the revamping of building codes and the development of product standards. Previously, wood could only be used for low- to mid-rise buildings because of their susceptibility to fire. However, CLT has proven to be fire-retardant, opening up a whole new world of possibilities.

Components of Production Framing

There are many different components to production framing:

  • Floors: Horizontal framing components known as joists run the length of the floor, making up the support of the home. They are then covered with subflooring. A floor truss is added for support and to resist bouncing. Lastly, a structural panel known as sheathing is added on top of the floor structure.
  • Walls: Both load-bearing walls and partitions will be added during the process of framing. As indicated by their names, walls designed to bear loads and walls that simply divide a space are built separately. Doors and windows are added with the help of vertical pillars, king studs and trimmers.
  • Ceiling: Ceiling joists are vertical elements that transfer the weight of the roof to the studs. These joints span the length of the ceiling.

When you engage our services at US Framing, we can offer support, guidance and advice throughout the entire process of production framing. In addition, we also offer pre-design and project management services.

Why Work with US Framing for Production Framing?

Since our inception in the 90s, US Framing has worked with a wide range of clients across various industries, constructing apartment complexes and shopping centers, just to name a few. We aim to cultivate good relationships with our clients so we can work together on future projects, and to this end, most of our clients are repeat customers.

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