With more than 40 years of experience, US Framing is the nation’s largest wood framing contractor, having been involved in large-scale building projects that include hotels, apartments, and military housing, to name a few. Our client’s satisfaction is our top priority, which is why we deliver our wood projects not only on schedule but also in quality. This is made possible with our broad expertise, unwavering vision, and reliable manpower.

About Georgia

Located in the Southeastern region of the United States, Georgia is the eighth-most populous state and hosts mountains, farmland, and coastal beaches. Some attractions include Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park and the Georgia Aquarium.

Wood Framing Pre-Design & 3-D Modeling Services in Georgia

Before starting any wood framing project, the pre-construction process must be done correctly to provide a well-constructed foundation. At US Framing, we ensure a smooth process by using MiTek® SAPPHIRE software to form constructible models. This software allows us to be more efficient as it prevents re-work and wastage.

Wood Framing Pre-Construction Services in Georgia

For the pre-construction process, US Framing offers two main services: pre-design and startup. The pre-design stage sees us using 3D modeling to present issues to our clients in real-time, while the startup stage is for us to gather all the necessary information and logistics.

Wood Framing Construction Services in Georgia

Here at US Framing, all projects are built through site-specific requirements and our job management process. We provide two services in our construction procedure – production framing and finish process. During production framing, we ensure that the project is completed on time by discussing the sequence and schedule with our clients. For the finish process, our clients can inspect the project at the end by checking a written punch process with checklists.

Wood Framing Project Management Services in Georgia

From budget costs to local business codes, constructing a wood framing project requires time and must adhere to many details. This is especially so for large-scale projects such as warehouses and high-rise commercial buildings. As such, project management ensures that the project is managed professionally from the start.

The following steps are included in our project management process:

  • Pre-construction
  • Startup organization
  • Set up schedule
  • Production and sequence
  • Agreed punch process
  • Solutions to problems
  • Finish on time

Types of Markets US Framing Serves in Georgia

  • Commercial
  • Education
  • Home remodeling
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing & Industrial
  • Multi-family residential
  • Residential
  • Retail
  • Senior living
  • Sport arenas
  • … and more!

Why Work with US Framing?

At US Framing, we take pride not only in the quality of the projects we do but also in the relationships we have with our clients. We accomplished this by striving to complete all projects that exceed our clients’ expectations. Being in the wood framing industry for more than four decades, we have built every project imaginable, from large-scale apartments to small boutique hotels.

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