West Region

US Framing is one of the leading providers of custom wood framing solutions serving clients from different industries within the West Region. We specialize in student housing, multi-family apartments, assisted living and other structures that extend over 10,000 square feet. To work with a team of construction specialists with ample field experience, choose US Framing for all your wood framing needs.

About the West Region

The West Region comprises states within the United States that are located towards the westernmost region of the country. The U.S. Census Bureau defines the 13 westernmost states as the Great Basin to the Pacific Coast, the Rocky Mountains, and the mid-Pacific islands state. The West consists of a number of major biomes that include both arid and semi-arid plateaus as well as plains, focusing mainly in the American Southwest mountains.

Wood Framing Pre-Design & 3-D Modeling Services in the West Region

US Framing partners up with MiTek® to lead the way in wood framing Building Information Modeling. US Framing manages and controls every project with the aid of state-of-the-art technologies, control designs, and framing procedures. We work alongside your team to produce the right design the first time.

Wood Framing Pre-Construction Services in the West Region

We are capable in delivering significant experience regardless of the type of wood that you choose. Our pre-construction team is proficient in determining the most cost-effective and efficient details of every project. We also put our best foot forward to work out any problems before the actual framing process by creating intelligent 3D models. Necessary data will then be obtained from our clients to get the job started in a proper fashion.

Wood Framing Construction Services in the West Region

US Framing works with every client to come up with a sequence and schedule to prepare for on-time project completion. Our experience will help to ensure that each goal is possible to be accomplished. We also focus on finishing each project smoothly which involves a written punch process with proven checklists to guarantee a complete closure.

Wood Framing Project Management Services in the West Region

Our team at US Framing addresses every project with flexibility, high standards, and expertise. We put forth our key team members with proven track records in every aspect of our specialty. Though every project has its own set of requirements, we approach each construction process with uniformity and dedication.

Types of Markets US Framing Serves in the West Region

  • Apartment
  • Commercial
  • Hotels
  • Assisted Living
  • Estate Home
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing & Industrial
  • Multi-Family Residential
  • CIL Mass Timber
  • Timber Framing
  • Senior Living
  • Steel Stud Framing
  • … and more!

Why Work with US Framing?

US Framing is dedicated to delivering only the best to our clients which has successfully led us to become the leader in industrial multi-family rough carpentry. We partner with several world leaders in digital design to deliver 3D Building Information Modeling for every project. To date, our framing projects have covered an average annual total of 15,000,000 square feet of structures and we are looking forward to offering the same exceptional service for your business. For more information about our wood framing solutions in the West Region, feel free to schedule an appointment with us today. You may also contact the following personnel:

Chad Greenwell

Email: Chad@usframing.com

Phone: 502-931-1121

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