Senior Living

Current demographic trends have pointed towards the need for more senior living facilities, and in fact, we are already seeing an increase in demand. From independent living communities to care homes, there are many different types of senior living facilities that can be constructed. It all depends on the needs of the community you wish to serve.

About Senior Living

Building a senior living facility is all about providing a quality and way of life. Comfort, safety, and convenience are just some factors that must be taken into consideration. Below are some common types of senior living facilities:

  • Independent living communities: This housing option is available for seniors who can live independently but would like to be within reach of social support and recreational activities. Little to no healthcare services are provided but social activities are organized for residents and communal meals can be provided.
  • Nursing homes: Nursing homes are available to seniors who need 24-hour nursing care, such as Alzheimer’s patients. Specialized care and housing are provided to residents through a team of doctors, nurses, and caregivers.
  • Assisted living: Assisted living is a combination of the above two living options. Seniors who need limited assistance with household chores, grooming and medication can live within a community where they are offered supportive health care services.

Factors to Consider in Designing and Constructing Senior Living Facilities

When designing and constructing a senior living facility, there are some special considerations you will need to keep in mind. These facilities should be designed to cater to the unique needs of seniors:

  • Accessibility: Seniors with mobility issues will not wish to climb flights of stairs just to get to their apartment. With this in mind, you will need a design that ensures the majority of amenities and facilities can be located on the bottommost floor and that there are elevators available.
  • Safety: Safety is a huge concern for senior living, particularly for those with mobility issues and/or vision impairments. From the materials you choose to the way a building is constructed, careful thought will have to be given to safety aspects.
  • Convenience: If your senior living facility provides recreational activities for seniors, you will need to ensure that these amenities are located within a convenient distance from the housing.

When you work with us at US Framing, we can offer support, guidance and advice throughout the process of building your senior living facility from pre-design all the way to construction and project management.

Why Work with US Framing for Senior Living Projects?

US Framing has more than 40 years of experience in framing and constructing commercial building projects, including those of senior living facilities. We aim to become the premier wood framer in North America and work towards our goal through high standards, innovation, and constant improvement daily.

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