With more than 40 years of experience in the construction industry, we, at US Framing, offer our Michigan and other US clients with nothing but the highest quality service in wood framing. We go above and beyond in providing first-class products that are always accomplished on time. We don’t settle for anything less than the highest standards because, with us, client satisfaction takes top priority. We have a broad range of services that will ensure breezy project executions for every client with specific needs.

About Michigan

Found in the Midwest region, the state of Michigan has a population of 10,077,331 in 2020. It has a steady population increase, and with this comes various construction of commercial buildings and residential homes in the state. In fact, in 2018, the number of single-family home construction in Michigan is the highest in the country. At present, Muskegon, a city in the state, has ongoing commercial and residential constructions, which are projected to have a huge impact on the downtown area.

Wood Framing Pre-Design & 3-D Modeling Services in Michigan

US Framing understands the importance of working with the client right from the get-go. The pre-design and 3-D modeling are our company’s way to structure a smooth sailing schedule for the construction process. Creating 3-D models of the project allows us to calculate the budget needed and foresee problems even before the building begins. Because it is 3-D, builders will be able to study the layout beforehand, then execute it accurately. As a result, resource wastage and re-work can be avoided, and valuable time and money can be saved.

Wood Framing Pre-Construction Services in Michigan

Part of our pre-construction service is pre-design. The other part is the startup. At this stage, our company is in constant communication with the client for an efficient commencement of the project. It is also during startup that we start guiding the building owners as we move towards our end goal – an outstanding wood frame project.

Wood Framing Construction Services in Michigan

Because US Framing has decades of experience in the construction field, our experienced workforce is regarded as the best in executing the plan within the schedule made during the pre-design/pre-construction stage. We follow the agreed-upon checklist to the T. From the production framing phase to the finishing process phase, we ensure the project gets completed on time without compromising the quality of the finished product.

Wood Framing Project Management Services in Michigan

Because we value our clients, we are there for them from beginning to end. We guide them through the step-by-step stages of the project.

The following steps are included in our project management process:

  • Pre-construction
  • Startup Organization
  • Set Up Schedule
  • Production and Sequence
  • Agreed Punch Process
  • Solutions to Problems
  • Finish on Time

We go a step further when it comes to assisting our clients. US Framing has project management specialists at the ready if needed. They help secure licenses and other pertinent documents relating to the construction. At the same time, project managers are especially useful if clients don’t want the hassle of dealing with minor roadblocks during the project management process.

Types of Markets US Framing Serves in Michigan

US Framing is known for wood framing, but we don’t just focus on servicing clients who are looking to build their own home. We are also a popular go-to company for other types of real estate development. These include the following:

  • Commercial
  • Education
  • Home Remodeling
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing & Industrial
  • Multi-Family Residential
  • Residential
  • Retail
  • Senior Living
  • Sport Arenas
  • … and more!

Why Work with US Framing?

US Framing is a leader in wood framing in the country for four decades. This success we owe mostly through our constant thirst for improvement and our determination to always provide top-notch services and products to our clients. We never treat a project as just any other business deal. With US Framing, customers are never associates but are rather considered as part of our family.

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