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As the nation’s leading wood framing constructor, we have been involved in many wood projects in various states. Whether it’s large-scale projects such as commercial buildings to small apartments, we strive to deliver high-quality wood projects at competitive prices. We also treasure the relationships we formed with clients over the years.

At US Framing, our client’s trust and our team’s safety are our top priorities. This is why we ensure that all projects have a safe working environment and provide excellent customer service.

Understanding the Manufacturing & Industrial Sectors


Manufacturing and industrial buildings are where goods are produced, stored, and transported. In the United States, manufacturing and industrial projects have to follow a specific construction process and design. As our professionals are knowledgeable of the latest Building Codes and Standards, our clients can be assured that all projects will be completed correctly and on schedule.

Due to the sustainable factor of wood, the material is soon becoming the top choice for developers around the world. Once considered unsafe, it is now on par with steel and concrete thanks to modern technologies and building techniques.

Examples of manufacturing and industrial buildings include the following:

  • Warehouses
  • Flex spaces
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Data Centers
  • Commercial office spaces
  • Showrooms
  • Factories

Benefits of Wood Framing for Manufacturing & Industrial Projects


One of the main reasons why developers would opt for wood framing is its energy-efficient property. Compared to inorganic materials like steel and concrete, wood is a natural insulator and has higher insulation values. How it slows the conductivity of heat is from its air pockets, which allow air to pass through. Its high thermal resistance also makes wood framing a suitable option for projects situated in a colder environment.

Another benefit of wood framing is that it is environmentally friendly, as mentioned above. Wood is a renewable material and does not require much energy to collect, manufacture and transport. In comparison to other building materials, wood also emits less greenhouse gas. If a manufacturing business or organization is committed to sustainability, building a project by wood framing can get the message across.

Since wood is also light in weight, this allows for easier transportation and maneuvering, which speeds up the construction process. What’s more, wood can be cut to size on-site, eliminating the need for heavy equipment. As such, we are able to finish off our projects on time or ahead of the initial deadlines.

Why Should Manufacturing & Industrial Developers Work with US Framing?


At US Framing, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality wood framing solutions. With more than 40 years of experience in the industry, we have constructed a wide range of building projects, from large-scale commercial buildings to student housing and assisted living. Leave everything to us as our comprehensive wood framing services cover pre-design, pre-construction, construction, and project management.

If you are looking to hire a trusted wood framing subcontractor who specializes in manufacturing & industrial development projects, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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