With over 40 years of industry-specific experience, US Framing offers exceptional wood frame construction and project management solutions. If your company is working on a commercial construction project, US Framing can offer professional wood framing services to make your project a success. We can handle wood framing projects of any scale in Delaware and the surrounding regions.

About Delaware

Delaware is situated within the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. It borders around Maryland on its west and south, New Jersey and the Atlantic Ocean on its east, and Pennsylvania towards its north. Delaware is full of commercial buildings that are utilized by businesses that drive the state’s economy. The sectors that are spread across the state include manufacturing, transportation, utilities, hospitality, and finances to name a few.

Wood Framing Pre-Design & 3-D Modeling Services in Delaware

It is important for us to visualize the design ideas that you have in mind for your building project. To achieve this, we utilize state-of-the-art 3-D modeling to understand your unique pre-requisites. This will also enable us to detect any potential risks that may hinder progress. We ensure every project that we undertake is completed as per schedule without incurring additional costs or requiring more time.

Wood Framing Pre-Construction Services in Delaware

The pre-construction process that you will be going through with our team of professionals is highly crucial as it involves pre-design and startup courses. Each process helps us to determine the proper procedures that need to be implemented to ensure we can prevent errors along the way. This lets us ensure that a smooth construction process can be executed according to your unique commercial needs to prevent loss of time and money.

Wood Framing Construction Services in Delaware

With US Framing, you can rest assured that your construction project will meet the stipulated deadline. Our team takes pride in each step that we need to take according to the sequence of events that will be handed to you before project commencement. This way, you can keep track of the activities that we will be executing and remain updated of the progress of your project in a timely fashion.

Wood Framing Project Management Services in Delaware

We take customization very seriously at US Framing. This is to ensure that your commercial needs are closely adhered to. Your requirements will be considered during the pre-construction process where any concerns will be addressed. Our team offers exceptional flexibility, uniformity, and professionalism to get your project well underway in no time. Below are the steps that will be taken for each construction project:

  • Pre-construction
  • Startup Organization
  • Set Up Schedule
  • Production and Sequence
  • Agreed Punch Process
  • Solutions to Problems
  • Finish on Time

Types of Markets US Framing Serves in Delaware

  • Commercial
  • Education
  • Home Remodeling
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing & Industrial
  • Multi-Family Residential
  • Residential
  • Retail
  • Senior Living
  • Sport Arenas
  • … and more!

Why Work with US Framing?

US Framing is known for our credible reputation that we have managed to build over several decades. The experience that our team has attained over the years has equipped us with intensive expertise that helps facilitate smooth building projects. We are focused on delivering timely deadlines and exceptional service that get projects done right the first time.

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