Garden-Style Apartments: Why They Are The Most Popular Multi-Family Housing

Garden-Style Apartments Why They Are The Most Popular Multi-Family Housing

Offering common areas outdoors as well as exterior access, garden-style apartments have been growing in popularity as a multi-family housing option, attracting those who value their privacy. Whether you’re renting or buying, the common consensus among most is that the perfect home should have plenty of personal space, some open space, and access to the outdoors for fresh air and better air circulation.

What Are Garden-Style Apartments?

Garden-style apartments are usually limited to being four stories high with multiple single-story units on one floor. As the name suggests, one of the biggest selling points of garden-style apartments is the common outdoor spaces including landscaped grounds, exterior access, and include entrances off a breezeway or at the exterior of the building in lieu of closed hallways and elevators, like ones in high-rise buildings.

Perks of Living/Owning a Garden-Style Apartments

Besides offering the obvious benefits of a more relaxed environment with its low density and access to the outdoors, there are plenty of other perks of living in a garden-style apartment. We list a few here.

  • Convenience & Cost

Most garden-style communities are located in areas that are in close proximity to schools, retail, manufacturing, and professional jobs. Not only does this mean greater convenience and a reduction of travel time, but also travel costs. Many companies, especially tech firms have been branching out into the suburbs, moving away from the central business district areas in the city which provides residents of garden-style apartments with lower-priced apartments but a high-quality living option that is close to their work. With plenty of companies going remote after the pandemic, living in a garden-style apartment provides an opportunity for working professionals to have a class-A office without the price tag while still being close enough to different food options.

  • Access to Nature

Many multi-family suburban communities offer class-B and class-C properties that overlook amazing natural views, backing up to a creek or forest which provides plenty of privacy and a relaxing living environment fitting of a comfortable home.

  • Good Investments

Most garden-style apartments are good investments as they are located close to or in major cities with major demand factors such as industry, income growth, and population. They have also faired well during recessions and according to statistics accumulated over decades, with a consistent average occupancy rate of 90 percent or more. Given their prime location, capital infusions are attainable and the units can be renovated with the interiors brought up to the standard of class-A finish-outs. They are also a much more affordable and healthier investment alternative for younger professionals or families.

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