5 Features To Include When Building A Garden-Style Apartment In 2022

5 Features To Include When Building A Garden-Style Apartment In 2022

As the US suburban areas continue to grow due to the rising demand for apartment properties and migration from major cities, garden-style apartments have risen exponentially in popularity. These garden-style apartments also known as low-rise complexes consist of multiple smaller two to four-story buildings that are built around a garden-like setting. Common garden-style apartment features include landscaped grounds, pools, clubhouses, exterior access, and lounging areas. They usually do not have elevators but are rather connected through breezeways and are often located close to schools, and jobs. Garden-style apartments have lots of advantages for their residents, namely the array of amenities that can be offered varying from community to community. If you are a developer looking to cash in on the rising market demand for garden-style apartments, here is a list of features to be included to attract the most residents.

Hybrid Workspace

One thing the pandemic has taught us is that most work can be done from home. This has led to the rise of hybrid schedules, meaning that more of the workforce is working from home. However, the pandemic has also taught us that work-life balance is hard to achieve in a single space. Therefore, developers can cater to the working needs of residents by building business centers and co-working lounges that feature group meeting facilities, single workstations, private offices, and more.

Pet-Friendly Areas

The pandemic also saw a rise in pet ownership and thus common spaces include more pet-friendly areas. Pet amenities such as dog wash areas, dog parks, and feeding and sleeping stations are significant draws for pet lovers and owners so should be considered as a feature in a garden-style apartment.


There has been a budding interest in the residential industry in using nature to better connect residents with their environment given all the benefits of nature. The colors blue and green have been selected as the Colors of the Year as they resemble natural elements like water, sky, and greenery and can be used alongside the inclusion of outdoor spaces such as terrace gardens and scenic views to incorporate the principles of biophilia. However, it should be noted that it is not just the availability of terrace gardens and outdoor spaces that matters but also how adequate they are to function as spaces for work, play, or simply living.

Smart Buildings

Smart buildings are the future of garden-style apartments. Incorporating keyless locks, smart elevators, as well as hands-free entry systems, can be a huge drawing factor for many potential tenants, especially after the pandemic.

Bigger Mail Areas

With the increase in deliveries comes the need for bigger spaces to accommodate these packages. Spacious and multifunctioning mailrooms are growing in popularity and should not be seen as an afterthought when developing a garden-style apartment but rather as a major amenity for tenants.

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