Concrete Vs. Wood Frame: Which Is Better For Condo Construction?

Concrete Vs. Wood Frame: Which Is Better For Condo Construction?

A condo is a residential complex which comprises many different separate units in a single building. Constructing one of these building requires extreme pre-planning and undertaking. Many different factors are considered before any decisions are made in regard to condo construction.

One of those factors includes getting the right framing. A well-established frame is crucial in maintaining the structure’s core. Residents’ safety is also paramount as a poorly constructed building will not be safe for its tenants. Therefore, choosing the right materials is essential when doing pre-planning.

The Kind of Framing Available for Condo Construction

There are many types of materials suitable for constructing a condo. Two of the most popular types are concrete and wood. These two materials are a growing trend in condo construction among construction companies. Each of these materials have its own advantages and disadvantages. Here, we will compare both of them to better understand which type of material is best use for condo construction.

The main thing for any property developers or construction companies to take note of is cost management. Concrete and wood have different cost, but it does not mean one is better than the other. According to statistics, insurance cost is higher for wood framing compared to concrete framing. The reason why is because in an event of a fire, wood will always be more damaging than concrete. Although the chances of a building catching fire is slim, having concrete for the framing of a building is better in this sense.

Another factor to consider is the risk of moisture. Wood frame structures or buildings are more susceptible to rot when exposed to moisture and one of the most common damages in building is water damage. Because of this, insurance cost may be higher for wood frame buildings.

As we all know, living in a condo unit consists of units separated by a wall. This makes soundproofing all that important. Nobody would like hearing sounds in the middle of the night from your neighbor next door. To minimize sound leakage, having a concrete frame would be better than wood alternatives. The thick slabs of concrete will help with minimizing noise.

Not only that, it also helps with keeping the unit cooler. Concrete has reflective properties and that will help keep the unit from generating too much heat. All in all, it seems that concrete would be a better choice in the construction of your condo.

US Framing Has All Your Construction Needs in Hand

It does not matter whether you decide on choosing concrete or wood. Both materials are great for framing, and each has its own purposes. The most important thing to take note of the safety aspects of the condo, to make sure that it is safe for all the residents. If you are looking for a reputable company for your framing needs, then US Framing has all the answer. We specialized in building’s framing and has worked on many construction projects for our clients. We strive to help you better understand your needs.

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