6 Advantages Of Building A Muilti-Storey Apartment With Wood Framing

6 Advantages Of Building A Muilti-Storey Apartment With Wood Framing

Nowadays, property developers and construction companies are turning to multi-storey buildings’ design to meet the high residential demand. A larger and innovative use of space can be an exciting way to entice new families or individuals to buy a home in these multi-storey apartments. Although these multi-storey projects are very complex, with proper pre-planning and cost management, a multi-storey apartment can be built beautifully.

Cost management can be a concern for companies and developers. The materials used in the construction of these type fo building can be expensive. That is why, wood is considered to be the best choice. Wood framing in a multi-storey apartment construction will provides the best affordability, flexibility and speed to meet the ever-shifting demands of potential customers. Here, we will show the best part of wood framing in the construction of a multi-storey apartment.

Why Wood Framing is the Best Material to Use for a Multi-Storey Apartment

One of the simplest answers is cost. According to statistics, when being compared to other materials such as steel and concrete, it is much more cost effective. If you were to build a 50,000 square foot, you will save 15 dollars per square foot as compared to steel, which is significantly more expensive. That being said, here re some advantages wood framing have over its counterparts.

  • The ease of construction: unlike other materials, wood can be cut onsite, greatly reducing the time spend on craving the materials needed for construction. Wood be can used for joists, beams and studs and because of this, no heavy equipment or vehicles are needed.
  • The speed of construction: while wood can be cut onsite, other elements can be prefabricated, which allows builders to have greater control and flexibility in construction, and in turn, spend less time.
  • Sustainability: unlike steel and concrete, wood framing is made from renewable resource and in America, we have an abundant of, which are trees.
  • Insulation properties: a wood frame apartment can retain heat and is energy efficient, as it has low-thermal conductivity.
  • Improvement on air quality: studies has shown that a wood frame house has better air quality than steel and concrete, as wood has fewer toxic emissions.
  • The benefit of carbon-capture: wood is made from trees, and in its course of life cycle remove carbon from the air. With wood being the main foundation for the construction, the carbon will remain trapped.

Of course, wood also has its disadvantages, such as wood rot and fire risks, but the pros outweigh the cons. Cost management plays a big part when choosing the right materials for the construction of your multi-story apartment. No matter the materials used, the most important thing to take note of is the safety of the buildings’ residents.

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