5 New Technologies In Constructing Multi-Storey Buildings

5 New Technologies In Constructing Multi-Storey Buildings

In the modern world, new advancement in technologies is everywhere. From the latest mobile phone to state-of-the-art medical instruments, we are surrounded by technologies. Even in construction, contractors and builders have rely on new technologies in helping them build new structures. In terms of multi-storey buildings, there are a number of new technologies that builders can use to help them create buildings that they can only think of. These new technologies are fundamental to help build a structure that is safe and suitable for its tenants. Here, we will show some of these new technologies that builders have used to build these multi-storey buildings.

What are Multi-Storey Buildings and What are These New Technologies?

Multi-storey buildings are basically buildings with many different levels. It consists of stairs, ramp, lifts and many other structures that will help an individual move around. How does a builder build these structures? Well, technologies in construction have come a long way since the first building was constructed. Below are just some of the technologies that construction companies used to aid them in their construction projects.

  • Monolithic Technology: a technology that has been used for quite a while now is the monolithic technology. A multi-storey building that consists of this technology is a building that connects water, heating, electricity and sewage into one whole system. This process is then split into several stages. Builders that use the monolithic technology knows that it is a long and painful procedure. Many factors will need to come together to ensure that a monolithic technology building is constructed properly. This is why pre-planning is a must. From building permits to geological issues, there are many issues that might hinders construction.
  • Panel Housing: Reinforced concrete panels are preferred because of the speed of construction. Comparing it to using bricks, panel houses can be constructed three times as fast. There are a few disadvantages when using concrete panels. Some of them being poor sound insulation and heat loss.
  • Wireframe Method: one of the most popular methods of construction is the wireframe method. It is popular due to its low price. It is also environmentally friendly and easy to install, and suitable for multi-storey buildings for family housing and cottage villages.
  • 3D Panels: this method is used in both residential and industrial buildings. It is an innovative technology that aid in the process if construction industry waste. It has low cost production, long lasting and because of the polymer raw materials used, it reduced heat loss.
  • Fixed Formwork: for those multi-storey buildings for outbuildings and cottages, this method of fixed formwork can be used. Blocks and panels are constructed by using concrete. This method is simple, has low labor cost and is environmentally friendly as well.

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