How Are You Framing Your Hotel? 2 Options To Choose


During the initial stages of hotel design, the issue of framing hotel services should be considered. This process needs to be figured out during the pre-design phase of hotel construction. This way, the framing costs will be reduced. This also reduces the turnaround time for hotel construction, as well as improving the safety and longevity of the hotel. You can rely on established high quality contractors specialized in these types of projects.  Ensuring that the pre design phase is properly done ensures that the rest of the project will be executed with minimal failure creates. It’s important to understand the different ways in which framing a hotel can be done so that you can pick a method most suitable for your circumstances. Common framing methods include:

Floor Framing that is Parallel to the Corridor

A hotel can be framed in such a manner that the trusses and I-joists run parallel to the corridor. For instance, they can run from a guest room wall to the opposite wall in the direction of the corridor. Some of the benefits of this method include a reduced length of the frame spans framing the floor. Using this method ensures that the truss depths are minimal and this also reduces the height between the floors without sacrificing the interior space. In addition to reducing the cladding needed for this type of construction, it also makes the building compact and stable. In some areas, zoning ordnances have a maximum height of wooden buildings. Using this method of framing ensures that this is met without sacrificing the roominess of the building.

When using this method of construction, it also reduces the need for firestopping. The framing pieces are closely spaced and this makes compartments more solid. According to the NFPA, using open web joists mandates proper firestopping installation when compartment sizes are over 160 cubic feet. Since this is minimized using this construction method, extra firestopping within the interstitial spaces is not required.

Floor Framing that is Perpendicular to the Corridor

Framing can also be done by having trusses run from an exterior wall to a corridor wall. This is the framing method of choice for constructors who want to keep costs low. This reduces the overall length of the building by several feet, and subsequently reduces the needed cladding. In sites where the side setbacks are tight, this type of framing is ideal.

A hotel is successful when its comfortable, and using this method of framing can contribute to this. Since adjoining rooms do not share bearing points, it reduces ambient noise from these rooms. This method of framing also deadens sound from the outside, giving a room a more premium feel compared to construction or framing using other materials.

These are the two main method of framing that can be used for your hotel. If you are interested in more information regarding these and other more exotic method of framing, don’t hesitate to consult us today.

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