Here’s Why Wood Is Getting More Popular In Hotel Construction


There is a lot of benefit in using wood in hotel construction. To get the most out of it, one has to keep in mind many technical issues including the pros and cons of using wood in different areas of the structure. It’s also important to choose the right type of wood and make sure that it has been treated properly to guarantee its longevity. This also ensures that it will last long without needing serious refurbishment. If you are considering using wood in hotel construction, one way to get it done properly is by consulting a construction firm to handle the design and building of the hotel. The sub contractor needs to have a lot of experience in wooden buildings for the cost benefit analysis to make sense. These are some of the benefits of using wood in hotel construction, and why it’s getting more popular in the hospitality industry.

It Allows for Prefabrication

Using wood for hotel construction allows for easy prefabrication. This involves subdividing sectors of the hotel into different modules, which are built simultaneously and then assembled on the construction site. Prefabrication allows for more elaborate construction designs, particularly if you work with a subcontractor that has a lot of experience in wooden construction. This can result in a hotel design that is unique, and which will ultimately attract more customers due to its design. The fact that wood is easy to work with means that it’s possible to come up with complex designs that may not be possible to construct using stone or bricks.

It’s Faster

When building using wood, the prefabricated elements can be put in place much faster once the construction site is prepared and the prefabricated modules are assembled. The modules are then put in place and then attached together using the necessary fasteners. This is much faster than using masonry, where materials such as concrete needs to cure for some time during construction. Using wood for construction is also faster because other systems such as the electricals and plumbing can be started much earlier compared to traditional construction. This will result in cheaper construction at even half the time.

Wooden Hotels can be Safer

Using wood to construct hotels is often thought of as a fire hazard. When done properly, it can be safer than using concrete and other materials. Wood offers natural insulation which makes the structure more comfortable both during winter and summer. The ability for wood to flex also makes it safer during earthquakes compared to stiffer materials. The risk of fire can be mitigated by putting in place extra measures including high quality smoke detectors and a higher concentration of sprinklers especially in areas that are prone to a lot of heat. Installation of heat-producing equipment also needs to be done professionally to prevent spontaneous fires. Electrical wiring must be done adequately to avoid electrical shorting and fires.