A Guide To Building A Five-Storey Wood-Framed Hotel


Hotels are a good investment, but one has to be smart when constructing one. One of the elements that has to be sorted out is the structural uniqueness of the hotel. This does more than simiply provide the structure in which the patrons stay; it can also help attract clients. Building a five-storey wood-framed hotel is an excellent way for you to break into the hotel industry or build a unique hotel if you are an investor in the hospitality industry. To get the most out of such a hotel, there are basic points that should be followed. Of course, these might vary depending on the nature and location of the hotel but following them generally leads to better outcomes. Some of the guides to building such a hotel that you should not ignore include:

Understand the Building Codes you Need to Satisfy

Wood framed construction needs to conform to special building codes depending on the location and type of building. Before proceeding with the construction, it’s important to understand the building codes regulating this type of construction. Getting a sub contractor who is experienced in five-storey wood-framed hotel construction is ideal for this. They can help with all the pre-design processes including 3D modelling and pre-construction procedures. The benefit of working with sub contractors is that they offer specialist services, and you can employ them for only the duration that you need. Hiring these sub contractors goes a long way in helping you identify the building codes and then designing a hotel that conforms to these codes.

The International Building Code for Wood Construction

Since it will be a predominantly wooden structure, you also need to consider the International Building Code for wooden construction. This classifies the wood construction as well as the relevant restrictions. According to the IBC, traditional wood framed constructions are classified as type V. The number of stories and the height of the building depends on the construction design as well as the number of stories. This ensures soundness and longevity of the structure.

Pre-Plan for Increased Sprinkler System Installations

In any building, there needs to be a predetermined number of sprinklers in case of a fire. In a five-storey wood-framed hotel, this is especially important. These buildings need a higher concentration of sprinklers compared to normal buildings. They also need to be more sensitive and have a higher rating compared to regular sprinklers and fire alarms or smoke detectors. For them to work effectively, they need to have proper plumbing to assure enough pressure being released by the sprinklers. The sprinkler system needs to meet or exceed NFPA standards. It’s also important to put in place advanced fire mitigation systems since wood can be flammable.

Wood Protection

Using unprotected wood for construction of a five-storey wood-framed hotel is a hazard. Wood can be damaged by changes in weather, mold growth and termite infestation. All these issues result in weakened wood which will in turn make the building structurally unsound. This should be considered before and during construction. Consult us for more information on the steps you need to take to build an ideal five-storey wood-framed hotel.