The Top Pre-Construction Services You Can Expect

The Top Pre-Construction Services You Can Expect

As the name suggests, pre-construction services refer to the planning phase that happens before any actual construction begins. It lays the foundation of all successful construction projects and involves several stages. From budgeting to selecting the right equipment and materials, here are the top pre-construction services you can expect for your project.

Importance of The Pre Construction Phase

Without thorough planning and conducting a risk analysis, it would be difficult to prevent major problems that may arise during the actual construction process. Just like any other project, a solid pre-construction phase is critical for the entire team to have a consistent and clear vision of the end result. On such a large-scale project, it makes sense to do so to minimize the risk of errors or accidents along the way that can delay the deadline of the finished building. At the same time, when changes are to be made, doing so during the pre-construction phase can potentially save a significant amount of time, energy, and money.

Pre-Design is a Pre-Construction Service You Can Expect

Always begin with the end in mind. At the beginning of your construction project, even the tiniest decision made is important to maximize your investment so you achieve your vision for the project. This is why collaborating with a team that can work on the pre-design process is so crucial in the early part of your pre-construction phase. An excellent pre-design team establishes the function, scope, and budget of a project before proceeding with the actual construction. At US Framing, we use advanced 3D technology to build a digital version of the project building so clients can have an idea of what the end result would look like. This way, it becomes easier to see any potential issues in real-time and make any necessary changes on the digital version if needed.

Startup as a Pre-Construction Service You Can Expect

In order for you to get your job started right, you would need to work with a team who can plan, analyze, and determine all potential hurdles concerning your construction project. In the startup pre-construction phase, it becomes easier to reduce the severity of any setbacks that may arise along the way, ensuring your project doesn’t come to a standstill. At US Framing, our clients’ construction plan is reviewed comprehensively to identify the technical specifications as well as constraints that may affect the project. We also help to evaluate the cost-related impact of the obstacles and design specifications, identify timelines, find the best options for equipment, and coordinate material procurement.

Why Choose US Framing?

As a company that specializes in large-scale wood construction projects, we have worked on all kinds of wood framing. When you rely on the expertise and experience of US Framing, you can rest assured that our pre-construction team devises the most efficient way to meet your needs.

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