Introducing US Framing’s Expertise In Large Wood Framing Projects

Introducing US Framing’s Expertise In Large Wood Framing Projects

As the largest wood framing contractor in North America, US Framing is well-equipped to take on a wide range of construction projects. In view of the lumber pandemic, wood trusses have become harder than ever to find and the supply of lumber is running scarce. As a result, the market is experiencing the largest price increase in history and contractors are defaulting at an unprecedented rate. If you have been affected as a result, US Framing can help by deploying a team to take over your project within 48 hours of contact.  

Partners with Many Manufacturers, Suppliers and Component Companies Nationwide

Because of our vast number of connections within the industry, we are able to provide you with alternatives that can resolve the issues you are facing due to the lumber pandemic. Our network of connections includes truss manufacturers, lumber providers, and many more. The success of large wood framing projects is heavily dependent on high-quality raw materials and framing services, and at US Framing, we are able to provide you with both.

Focus on Building a Network of Trust

Many carpenters who found themselves in a challenging situation following the pandemic have been able to fall back on US Framing. Additionally, we work hand in hand with our suppliers to keep things running and get the job done for our clients. We strongly believe that building good relationships with good people is what drives our business, and we look forward to extending the same approach to you.

Experience and Expertise Working on Diverse Types of Projects

Building a multi-family residential complex, a hotel or a commercial center? Regardless of the unique needs of your project, US Framing’s vast experience and expertise in handling diverse types of projects over the years ensure that we are well-positioned to meet your needs. You can check out the types of wood framing services we provide our clients and rest assured that we hold everything we do to the highest standards.

A Large Team of Carpenters Working Across the Nation

Has the ongoing lumber pandemic caused your builder or contractor to walk off the job, leaving you with seemingly no other options? If so, US Framing can step in to fill their shoes. We have a team of over 35,000 carpenters working across the nation and we can get started on your project within as soon as 48 hours. We are able to provide takeover as a service for clients who find their projects jeopardized, regardless of where in the nation you are located.

Contact Our Team at US Framing to Get the Ball Rolling

Have you been let down by the builder or general contractor you were working with previously? If so, you may be at a loss what to do, with plans for your project up in the air and a barrage of deadlines to meet. When that is the case, get in touch with our friendly and professional team at US Framing immediately – we are as eager to get your project to completion as you are.