Factors To Consider When Doing a Turnkey Project

Factors To Consider When Doing a Turnkey Project

As you probably already know, a turnkey construction project is highly popular these days, and for good reasons. This type of construction project saves time, money and provides a plethora of other advantages. Turnkey projects are defined as a single contract between the project owner and the contractor who completes all stages of the job.

The contractor is responsible for planning, management, and execution of the construction project, so you don’t have to go to third-party vendors for products or services. Here are more details about turnkey projects and their benefits.

Reduced Costs

One of the biggest advantages of a turnkey project is the simple fact that it features reduced costs on labor and materials. Thanks to the fact that all the planning operations and engineering tasks are handled by a single group of individuals, you will save time and spend less on your construction project. With that being said, it’s highly recommended to create an estimate on utilities and labor costs before starting your turnkey construction project.

Better Timeline Management

If you outsource a construction project to multiple companies, you will have to account for different timelines and completion dates. This is not bad, but if something goes wrong, you might have to wait for days or even weeks between construction stages. On the other hand, a turnkey construction project offers better timeline management. Various stages of the project can overlap because they are executed by the same contractor. There are little to no delays, so the chances of completing the project on time are significantly increased.

Fixed Price

You might be happy to find out that turnkey construction projects feature a certain degree of price certainty. This means that the overall costs involved in planning and executing the construction project are fixed and there are little to no cost fluctuations as the project progresses.  As a result, you have more peace of mind when developing your turnkey construction project and you can create a more accurate budget.

Fewer Management Problems

Construction projects that are sourced to multiple companies at the same time can become problematic in the long run. First of all, the project owner needs to manage multiple contracts at the same time and this can be stressful and tiresome. Secondly, it might happen that the engineering drawings do not reflect the needs of the project owners. This might require creating additional drawings and overall, the entire project might be delayed.

On the other hand, turnkey projects leave no room for inconsistencies between planners, engineers, managers, and workers. Everything is done by the same team right from the beginning, so there will be little to no delays when it comes to the stages of your project.

At US Framing, we strive to deliver exceptional building and framing services to our multiple clients across the United States. We understand that turnkey projects can be challenging and that’s why we can lend you a helping hand. Contact one of our specialists today to learn more about turnkey projects, how to design an optimized one, and get the most out of your investment.