Your Ultimate Guide To Five Types Of Construction

Your Ultimate Guide To Five Types Of Construction

Various types of construction are designed according to their resistance to fires. As you can probably imagine, a fire-resistant building offers more time to residents to escape and the resulting damages and casualties are minimized. At the same time, constructions with a higher fire resistance are also more expensive to build as they require certain materials.

It’s important to know the various types of construction before beginning your project. This allows you to know to manage your budget and resources better when designing your next construction project. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about this subject.

Type I Construction With 3-Hours Fire Resistance

The type I construction is probably the toughest one out there. It’s suitable for skyscrapers and multistorey buildings where hundreds or thousands of people live or work. This type of construction employs some of the toughest building materials such as concrete, steel framing, and fire-retardant products. If you put safety as your top priority then the type I construction is suitable for your project.

Type II Construction With 1-Hour Fire Resistance

Type II construction is also highly popular. Strip malls and other large commercial buildings are categorized as type II constructions and they use non-combustible materials such as concrete, steel framing, and others. Although this type of construction is very strong and it can withstand fires for almost one hour, it’s not as durable as the type I mentioned above.

Type III Non-Combustible Wall Construction

The type III construction utilizes precast panels, brick, and concrete blocks as primary building materials. However, roofs, floors, and other interior elements might be made of wood or other materials that can easily catch fire. The main goal of type III construction is to contain a fire and give occupants enough time to escape in case of a major fire.

Type IV Heavy Timber Framing Construction

A heavy timber framing construction provides some level of fire resistance, but not much. This type of construction uses heavy timber as a primary building material while the exterior walls are made from non-rated materials. The heavy timber elements are thicker and stronger than regular wood, so they can contain a fire for slightly longer, giving the occupants time to evacuate the building if needed.

Type V Wood Construction

Finally, the type V construction employs basic wood as the primary building material. These construction projects are more budget-friendly as wood can be easily processed and cut into the desired size. However, type V constructions have little to no fire resistance as the walls, floors, exterior panels, and interior girders are all made from wood. Ideally, these constructions should be built in places where the risk of fires is minimal. 

These types of constructions can be found in virtually any major city and they require different types of materials and expertise to complete them. It’s important to talk with specialists before beginning working on your construction project, so you know exactly what type is suitable for your needs. Contact US Framing today to learn more about construction types and how to complete your project successfully.

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