A Quick Guide To Multifamily Construction

A Quick Guide To Light Multifamily Construction

Multifamily construction is usually the cornerstone of a modern neighborhood in any city. It consists of a large building capable of housing numerous families in the same property. Multifamily constructions are built according to certain standards and protocols, so you need to plan your next project carefully and respect the regulations in your area.

But are the features of a multifamily construction? And how is this project different from any other types of construction out there? This article strives to provide answers to these questions, so keep reading to learn more.

What Is Multifamily Construction?

Multifamily construction refers to a building project designed to provide housing options for more than five dwellings. This means that multiple families live in the same building and have separate access to running water, heating, and air conditioning. A typical multifamily construction is up to four storeys high, but each construction project is different, so you shouldn’t be surprised to find such buildings with just two or three storeys on top of the ground floor. Multifamily constructions are the backbone of any residential neighborhood and they are fully equipped to sustain a modern lifestyle.

What Is The Difference Between Multifamily And Heavy Construction?

In some cases, people confuse multifamily or light construction with heavy construction. These are two very different things. As mentioned earlier, multifamily construction accommodates more than five dwellings and they can be around four storeys high. Heavy construction refers to large building projects such as stadiums, complex commercial centers, airports, highways, bridges, and so on. These types of constructions have different building codes and they require different types of materials. Needless to say, heavy constructions take a longer time to build, they involve additional building permits and the amount of labor required is much higher in comparison with multifamily constructions.

Multifamily Construction Can Include Small Shops

Although multifamily constructions are designed primarily to provide housing for multiple families in the same building, they can also incorporate small shops or other commercial spaces. For example, small shops are usually built on the ground floor and they provide quick access to groceries and other products to families living in the building. Similarly, banks, barbershops, and other light commercial spaces can be built on the ground floor to accommodate the needs of the residents living in the multifamily construction.

Multifamily Construction Features Separate Amenities

Multifamily construction is designed to provide separate amenities to each dwelling. This means that each flat has separate bathrooms, kitchens, and living spaces. Depending on the type of multifamily construction, flats can differ in size and they are arranged according to specific guidelines. Utility consumption such as water and electricity is monitored separately and the dwellings can be bought by private customers or rented to tenants.

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