Why Is Quality Framing Essential In Multifamily Home Building?

Why Is Quality Framing Essential In Multifamily Home Building?

Think about framing as the skeleton of your home – it provides the foundation, structure, shape and determines the overall design of your abode, as it affects the type of interior and exterior aesthetics and finishes you can achieve. Also known as structural framing, it provides a ‘skeleton’ that supports your roofs, ceilings, and walls and ensures it holds up against the elements. As this intrinsically affects the structural integrity of your building, finding a prospective project designer that is highly experienced and has a proven track record of custom home building is key to creating the home of your dreams with quality framing.

The structural planning should start in the pre-planning stage, where load-bearing walls and beams, structural posts, and frames of doors and windows are indicated in the 3-D Modelling sketches. In addition, minor details like where connectors, fasteners, and gussets of the panels are located should also be planned out in the design plans. This is crucial as the completed framing of the project will have to pass through an inspection before proceeding with the construction process.

Off-Site Prefabricated Framing

To save costs and time, the framing panels are pre-fitted and pre-measured to suit the dimensional requirements of the building. This is commonly used in cross-laminated timber (CLT) projects. The components are usually calculated by Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) fabricators and are assembled off-site in a sheltered manufacturing facility. This prevents external weather like the sun or rain from affecting the consistency and quality of the framing due to moisture.

Platform Framing

Also known as traditional stick framing, this is still the most common method used in constructing many homes in the United States. Following its name, the foundation and base of the house are first designed and built using wood sticks, followed by the floor, wall studs, ceiling joists, and subsequently the upper levels in a multifamily home. In this case, the building contractors cut out the measurements of the lumber on-site to match the framing requirements of the structure.

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)

Many homeowners are increasingly opting to custom-build their own homes because they can exercise more control and tailor the structure and design of their homes to fit their needs. Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) are gaining more popularity due to their high performance, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency in framing and insulation, making them a perfect solution for home building. These panels comprise a foam core that acts as insulation and is layered by two structural surfaces, also known as oriented strand boards. They are created in a sheltered production facility to ensure consistent quality.

Concrete Framing

Concrete is a common building material in the construction industry; it is often used as a foundation of the home instead of being used as part of the framing. It acts as a stable base that contains the network of connecting beams and columns (usually made with metal and wood) that form the structural skeleton of the building and act as supports for the floors, ceilings, walls, and claddings. They are often made with insulated concrete forms (ICFs) and concrete masonry units (CMUs) to make the construction fireproof, durable, insulated, and increase energy efficiency.

Your Comfort Is Our First Priority

At US Framing, our goal in creating multifamily home buildings is to create the home of your dreams, as we have completed more units than any wood framing contractor in the United States. Our professional team of experts is familiar with the state’s building codes and guidelines and can help streamline your production timelines by overseeing and managing all stages of your project – from 3D modeling to budgeting, to construction.

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