Service Feature: Post-And-Beam Construction

Post-And-Beam Construction
Post-and-beam construction is a tried-and-true building method used in the construction and framing industry, relying on durable, heavy timbers compared to dimensional lumber that is cut to pre-defined and consistent sizing. They are designed to withstand seismic activities and natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, and heavy storms.

They lack load-bearing walls and have pre-fabricated fixtures so that they can be constructed quickly. The designs of many post-and-beam homes are highly versatile, and they can be customized to fit the client’s requirements and needs for the projects – doors, panels, and windows can be added where they are suitable.

Design Structure of Post-and-Beam Construction

Post-and-beam construction comprises heavy timbers constructed and arranged in a horizontal and upright orientation and is a variant of the traditional timber frame concept. As the material used in the panel installation is more durable, heavy, and stable, it reduces the number of support beams needed. It allows the structural frame of the building to support the roof load, as opposed to having more internal walls.

The result of this post-and-beam construction is a rustic appearance, which exposes the beams, frames, and wood used in the roofs and panels that support the structural integrity of the house – making it a notable central theme in many post-and-beam homes. As a result, there is less need for internal walls. This also enables extensive flooring and an open interior space concept that features bespoke wall structuring, often giving the construction an airy, homely yet warm natural elegance.

Design Considerations of Post-and-Beam Construction

Compared to other conventional building methods, post-and-beam construction requires the skillsets and techniques of an experienced project engineering and design team to create something highly durable, while still adhering to your design requirements and needs. Furthermore, you will also need to factor in the high prices of the high-quality wood frame (subjected to the fluctuating supply and demand caused by the pandemic) your construction requires, the extent of insulation material needed, and the amount of glass you will require to cover your windows, doors, and skylights.

Post-and-beam constructions usually use a connection method named half-lap joinery, where two wood pieces of the same materials and thickness are halved to create a joint where they can be connected to form a flush surface. Additionally, they are also augmented and reinforced by metal connectors and gussets to lend additional support to the structure. These elements of the post-and-beam are often embellished and incorporated as part of the building’s aesthetic appeal. With the level of skills needed to cut and fit the joints of timbers carefully while integrating them as part of the interior design, you should factor in the extent of skilled labor you require.

How US Framing Can Help You

Our professional team of designers and engineers at US Framing are skilled and experienced in pre-design and 3D modeling. We can help you manage your pre-construction stages, including the designing and framing processes. We use the latest leading and cutting-edge innovative technologies and work with you to realize and reimagine the designs of your dreams. Rest assured, as we are prepared to provide you with the tools you require to ensure your construction timeline runs smoothly.

For more information about our production framing services, please feel free to contact us or schedule an appointment with us today!

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