Different Types Of Frame Structures

Different Types Of Frame Structures

In the construction industry, it’s common to encounter a variety of frame structures. In general, there are two main categories of frame structures, namely the braced frame structure and rigid frame structure. These are common in various construction project management. Under these categories of frame structures, there are sub-types of frame structures. It’s essential to understand the different types of frame structures to ensure that you make an informed decision in the frame structure types during the construction process. Understanding the different frame structure types enables you to understand the frame-making process and the costs required too. At US Framing, we provide insights on different frame structure types.

Braced Frame System

One of the main frame structure types is the braced frame system. Braced frames consist of columns and beams that are linked together in a pin-like manner. They are linked with bracing to overcome lateral loads. This kind of frame is easy to construct and analyze. By understanding the vertical and horizontal bracing, you can understand the resistance to lateral forces. Here are some of the different kinds of braced frame systems:

  • Diagonal bracing
  • Knee-bracing
  • K-bracing
  • Shear walls
  • X-bracing

One of the key advantages of the braced frame system is it offers efficient resistance against wind forces and earthquakes. In the area of resistance, it is more effective than the rigid frame system.

Gabled Structural Frames

Gabled structural frames have a peak on top of the frame. These frames are often used when there is a high chance of heavy snow and rain.

Portal Structural Frames

Portal structural frames resemble a door. These frames are often used in commercial and industrial building construction.

Light Frame Structure

Light frame structures consist of wood materials though some other materials like steel can be used. In a light frame structure, wood pieces will be attached to screw-steel pieces or fastener nails, which are then further attached to bolts and nuts.

R.C.C Frame Structures

R.C.C framed structures are extremely common frame structures that are utilized in modern buildings. As it consists of steel bars called rebars or reinforcement bars, they are highly durable and concrete.

Pin Ended Rigid Structural Frames

The pin ended rigid structural frame system has pins as their support conditions. The support provided makes it rigid. Without the support, the frame system will be reflected as non-rigid.

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