New Materials For Commercial Wood Framing

New Materials For Commercial Wood Framing

Depending on which project you’re managing, you will always have to consider some commercial wood framing new materials. After all, you’ve likely heard about high-rises and wood-based frame building erections using new materials. This is not unexpected as the construction industry will need to always reinvent and grow in order to cope with new trends and increasing demands. Included in the category of new materials for commercial wood framing is engineered wood.

Engineered wood is a man-made wood that can overcome some limitations normal wood can’t, making it a preferred option. However, with so many options of engineered wood, which should you go for? Here are some insights on new materials for commercial wood framing alongside other framing services to help you explore your options on the materials you can use for commercial wood framing.

Cross Laminated Timber

Cross Laminated Timber is one of the commercial wood framing new materials used. It consists of three to seven layers of wooden boards stacked in a cross-like manner. After which, it’s secured with fasteners, glue or interlocking dovetails. The strength of it comes from its interlocking as up to 10 layers can be glued together in a press. It’s helpful that a variety of wood grades can be used for cross laminated timber. It’s engineered in a fire-resistant way where it will only be charred instead of perpetual burning in the event of a fire. Cross laminated timber is used in roof frameworks, buildings, and rood girders.

Laminated Veneer Lumber

For this commercial wood framing new material, wood veneers are laminated together through the use of an adhesive and then cured in a hot press. Laminated veneer lumbers have similar properties to plywood but it’s often utilized in many applications that are large in scale. Some examples include trusses, roofs, wall elements, and so on. It’s important to ensure the wood grain goes parallel to the long end of the panel.

Glue Laminated Lumber

One of the highly used commercial wood framing new materials is glue laminated lumber. It’s made by sticking small pieces of wood to make structural parts. It has higher compression than concrete and higher tensile strength than steel. This makes it a convenient replacement for concrete and steel members.

Laminated Strand Lumber

Lastly, another commercial wood framing new material you can consider is the laminated strand lumber. It’s made by blending wood strands with adhesives. It’s often made of cheap flakes and wood chips. Laminated strand lumber is made by orienting the strands in a way parallel to the beam length, then compressed with a steam injection press.

Why Choose US Framing for Commercial Wood Framing?

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