Commercial Framing Tips For Apartment Units

Commercial Framing Tips For Apartment Units

At US Framing, we have a long history of framing services, whether it’s a multi-family urban infill, hotels, or even assisted living. We pride ourselves in being the nation’s largest multi-family wood framing services provider. With our professional team of large-scale wood framing experts, you can be rest assured of the framing we offer for apartment units regardless of the level of project management needed. Here are some commercial framing tips for apartment units that you will need to ensure a seamless and successful framing experience for your construction needs.

Building Materials

It’s essential to ensure that the building material you use is appropriate for commercial framing for apartment units. In general, the building materials you use for apartment units will differ from those of commercial units. One of the common materials used for commercial framing for apartment units will be timber. It’s important to ensure that the building materials for commercial framing for apartments are made of quality timber. With our experience in multi-family and student housing, we will be able to provide the best service.

Proper Permits And Codes

It is essential that you adhere to the state’s regulations for building codes and permits. In general, framing for apartment units is different from typical commercial units. Some of the differences include construction techniques, design, size, plumbing, electrical systems, building materials, and so on. Hence, you must seek out the service of well-known framing companies to assess if your framing is compliant. It’s also helpful to seek out services of reputable framing companies to know which regulatory codes or permits you have to adhere to.

Get Proper Financing

It’s crucial to understand the costs involved in the whole framing process and how you’re going to finance it. The costs do not merely revolve around the building materials but include labor costs, equipment, and overheads. The quantity and quality of framing builders you are engaging will determine the framing outcome and costs.

When you’re thinking of financing the project, you can either do it through a government agency, a corporation with bank financing, or a wealthy owner or developer. These entities will usually engage a contractor who will manage the building process. Hence, it’s important to weigh out your options before deciding your financing options.

Why Choose US Framing for Your Commercial Framing for Apartment Units?

When it comes to commercial framing for apartment units, it’s important to engage the specialists to help you weigh out your options in order to make an informed decision. This is because there are often many aspects to consider and it can be overwhelming. At US Framing, we have over 40 years of experience and we can manage any kind of project possible. With our professional sales and service team, you can be assured that we provide the best kind of service ever. As we understand your commercial framing needs, you can have peace of mind and know that we seek to meet your needs. By working with the best people and materials, you can be confident that we can see every project through. Contact us to find out more!