Should You Construct A Wood Framed Commercial Building?

Should You Construct A Wood Framed Commercial Building?

The process of deciding on the material to use in the framing of a commercial building can be quite a complex one, with numerous factors to take into consideration. There are two main materials that are typically used in the framing of a commercial building, and these materials would be wood and steel. In this article, we would like to tell you about the properties of wood and why it is such a good material to use in the construction of commercial buildings.

Here are some of the reasons for which a wood framed commercial building would be the way to go.

Efficient Use of Energy

Wood is capable of acting as a natural insulating agent, unlike materials of inorganic chemical composition, such as steel and concrete. Inorganic construction materials are not capable of providing particularly high levels of insulation. As a result, a great deal of thought and planning need to be carried out in commercial construction projects that involve building with such materials.

The vast majority of pre-designed buildings made of metal make use of blanket insulation. However, once the panels on the exterior are attached to the framing members, the insulating system becomes less effective, making it much easier for thermal energy to escape. Wood framing would be a great way to deal with this issue and to provide sufficient levels of insulation for commercial buildings.

Friendliness Towards the Environment

If your construction organization or business cares a great deal about maintaining and preserving the health of the environment, a commercial building with a wooden frame would assist in spreading the message of environmental friendliness through the community that you are a part of. Wood, which includes timber, is a renewable material.

Wood is the only construction material that is effectively renewable. The majority of the wood that is utilized in commercial construction projects is obtained from managed timberland. In essence, there is a process by which trees are continuously replanted and conscientiously maintained for commercial construction projects.

Wood possesses the natural ability to absorb the carbon dioxide that is present in the surrounding atmosphere. To provide a clear picture of how this can help the environment, the timber that is harvested to build a 2400 square foot building made of wood is capable of retaining the same quantity of carbon that the typical motor vehicle would produce over about half a decade.

High Aesthetic Value

When you design and construct a building, it generally would go without saying that you would want it to be pleasing to one’s aesthetic senses. Commercial buildings of a wooden frame and a steel frame could appear to be very similar to each other, but adding a few exposed wooden beams can make a massive aesthetic difference. A wooden frame could provide people with a sense of warmth and naturalness, and this would provide people with numerous health benefits. It could lower levels of stress, blood pressure, and anxiety and enhance one’s mood.

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