Wood Construction Vs. Metal Construction Systems

Wood Construction Vs. Metal Construction Systems

Wood construction vs. metal construction systems are typically regarded as the clash of the titans in the world of structures. At present, there are endless types of different structures and varying importance. The concept of structures has been passed down since the 19th century, but the differentiation was extended when new materials such as metals and concrete were introduced at later stages. In modern construction, almost all the buildings that we see around are made up of different structures.

Understanding Wood Construction

Wood framing is the material used in the beginning in structures formation, used since ancient times. All major civilizations have used wood for structures elaboration, particularly for intermediate floors and roofs in horizontal structures. It has great resistance to bending as compared to other materials such as bricks or stones.

In modern construction, wood framings are widely considered during the pre-design phase for most project managers. Homebuilders especially, are more conservative and have traditional mindsets to make use of new materials. They believe that if the wood was good enough to be used in ancient times, it is good to be used now.

Wood is an organic material, but also not a consistent building material. The species of every tree varies and differs in location. The strength is also dependent on the age of the tree, insect infestations, and rainfall patterns. Builders typically reject up to 20% of any lumber order due to shrinks, cracks, twists, bows, and warps. Due to the inconsistencies, wood framing causes problems when it comes to creating abundantly clear span space. Interior load-bearing walls need to be placed accurately to support the structure weight of wood buildings, which then disrupt any floor plan and remodeling at later stages.

Understanding Metal Construction

Steel is the common metal used as structures and in reinforced concrete. Steel framings are normally used in telecommunication towers, industrial buildings, and many more. It is the perfect material for large spans support through beams of deep trusses. It is also the most common material used in skyscrapers or towers as it has a larger resistance than concrete.

As a man-made material, it is not affected by changes in moisture levels. Every piece of steel is fabricated in precise consistency and will remain throughout its life of use. Pre-fabrication construction with steel framing does not allow any substandard materials to come into contact. The high-strength screws, bolts, and nuts that connect steel framing will not loosen or pull out as time passes. Steel framings are ideal for gyms, aircraft hangars, warehouses, and so on.

Importance of Understanding Different Construction Systems

Specialized knowledge in the field of structures is required to develop an architect’s design and assist in project management. If you are searching for a team of experienced project management specialists who have great expertise in understanding how different structures come to work together, US Framing is your perfect choice. We help to plan, coordinate, and supervise your construction projects from the start to the end. We have also assisted many of our clients in securing building permits, licenses, and successfully negotiated contracts. Our project managers are also always ready to respond to delays or emergencies and liaise with different suppliers. You will be guaranteed exceptional service quality with us.


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