Benefits Of Timber In Construction

Benefits Of Timber In Construction More than 70% of the developed world’s population are staying in timber frame housing. Just in the United States and Canada alone, more than 90% of the low-rise structures make use of timber frame technology. In the United Kingdom, close to 90% of self-build homes and nearly three-quarters of all new housing buildings in Scotland rely on timber in construction as well. Conventional builders are realizing the advantages of the enhanced speed of the building process that prefabricated timber frames can provide.

Advantages of Timber Frame Systems

Below are few reasons why timber frame construction is getting more and more popular, and why all builders should start considering using it in their projects:
  • Sound insulation
Timber frame systems have always provided great sound insulation. The absence of shared structures results in lesser paths for sound to travel through the different materials. Plasterboard and insulation are often used with twin leaf party walls to absorb and deaden sound.
  • Speed of building
Developers during the pre-construction process, have always been looking to make use of timber frame construction to provide building programs that are more predictable and stable and to shorten time to market. The time taken to finish building a house can be reduced by up to 25% using timber construction, and it is predictable regardless of any weather-related issues.
  • Environmental impact
Timber is one of the most sustainable construction forms, as it is an organic, renewable, and non-toxic material that embodies the lowest amount of C02. This applies to even imported timber, which has a considerably lower carbon footprint than other construction methods. It is also the perfect material to build energy-efficient and modern homes, which provides a huge reduction of energy consumption.
  • Cost-efficient
Timber frame construction provides a faster construction timeline, reducing up to 25% of labor days on-site and a shorter overall building timeline as well. Significant benefits of cash flow can be expected when the planning and execution of the use of timber frame construction are at the optimal level. Higher levels of quality control can also be expected, and with lesser labor and material wastage, lower site prelims improved productivity, reduced site overheads, a lot of time and money can be saved. Improved quality also results in higher levels of customer satisfaction and lowered snagging costs.
  • Thermal insulation
Timber frame systems combine thermal performance and structure into identical thickness while delivering slender walls at the same time. Thinner walls can be constructed with lightweight cladding options and hitting thermal performance targets at the same time. Fewer materials used also results in lowered production costs, larger usable floor area, and thinner walls. The vapor control layer on the inner surfaces of walls acts as a barrier of air to provide good air tightness too.

Choose Timber Frame Construction Now

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