Understanding The Pre-Construction Process

Understanding The Pre-Construction Process

Do you have an upcoming construction project? If so, it is important for you to understand the pre-construction process as it is a critical part of any construction project. Read on as we shed light on what to expect during the pre-construction phase.

About Pre-Construction

The pre-construction phase involves the preliminary planning and engineering of a construction project. It is a good opportunity for the client and contractor to communicate their expectations and assessment of a project before embarking on the work. With input from the client, the contractor will define the project scope, identify potential risks or issues, plan the work, schedule, estimate cost, and analyze what the job needs. The pre-construction process allows the client to decide if they want and are able to go through with the construction concept that they have in mind. If both the client and contractor agree that the project is viable, a detailed plan, outline, and schedule for the project will be drawn up.

Role of a Pre-Construction Manager

Pre-construction managers are in charge of the pre-construction phase. It is their responsibility to:

  • Develop an understanding of the client’s goals and project expectations
  • Align the project with their goals
  • Form a team to work on the project
  • Come up with a strategy
  • Create a schedule

Having a competent pre-construction manager is important as they can ensure that pre-construction meetings are on track and cover all critical points of the project.

What to Expect in a Pre-Construction Meeting

During a pre-construction meeting, the contractor will understand the needs and wants of the client and answer any questions about the project. Objectives and goals will be defined along with the design concept. The contractor will determine if the project is feasible and create an estimate of how much work will be necessary to complete the project.

Benefits of Pre-Construction

There are many benefits that pre-construction brings to the client and contractor, such as:

  • Forming a clear picture and expectations of the project
  • Evaluation possible scenarios and taking steps to mitigate risks
  • Laying out the steps of getting the project completed
  • Practical assessment of the completion date
  • Removing unknown variables for the client
  • Discussing potential options for costs savings

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