Why Is Cross-Laminated Timber The Material Of Choice For Commercial Buildings?

Wooden frame of a new house under construction

Did you know that cross-laminated timber (CLT) is becoming an increasingly popular material of choice for commercial building projects? Although it would have been unthinkable a few years ago, today CLT is one of the most chosen materials for a wide range of projects, big and small. In this article, we share with you some reasons CLT has been gaining popularity and some reasons you should choose it for your next project.

Understanding Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT)

As an engineered wood panel that is prefabricated, a CLT panel consists of numerous layers, typically three, five or seven. A number of dimensional lumber stacks are glued together at an angle of ninety degrees. Although these panels are lightweight, they are strong and stable enough to rival materials such as steel and concrete.

Benefits of CLT

So, what is it about CLT that makes it a good choice for your next construction project? We share with you some of its benefits:

  • Fire Resistance: One important feature that every building requires is fire resistance. Did you know that the cross sections of CLT char so slowly that this encourages combustion to stop? That’s right, the multiple layers of a CLT structure can remain stable when exposed to fire.
  • Heat Insulation: When you go with CLT, you may be surprised to find that you require little to no additional heat insulation for your building. CLT panels connect in a tight fit that allow for energy efficiency and prevents air from entering a building. This allows the heating and cooling systems to maintain internal temperatures independent of external factors.
  • Sound Insulation: Did you know that the mass of a wall is one factor in its sound insulation capabilities? Because CLT is so lightweight, it is able to provide noise control within your building.
  • Quick Installation: If you are working on a tight deadline, you will be glad to know that CLT can be installed quickly and efficiently. As it is prefabricated, openings for doors, windows and other fixtures can be cut in advance. This allows construction workers to mount them immediately when they arrive on the worksite, contributing to a faster completion rate and keeping costs down.
  • Design Flexibility: Despite its light weight, CLT is incredibly strong, boasting a high weight-to-strength ratio. This gives designers more room to work with and reduces the need for interior support elements. The need for foundation requirements is also reduced when compared to other materials such as steel and concrete because of their heavier weight.

Work with US Framing for Commercial Building Projects

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