The Benefits Of Commercial Wood Framing

New construction home framing against blue sky.

For a long time, the use of wood in commercial building projects has been limited. This is because of the fire hazard it potentially poses. As such, wood was limited by national building codes for low- and mid-rise buildings. However, this has changed ever since the introduction of cross laminated timber (CLT) and glue-laminated timber. In this article, we share with you some of the benefits you can reap from commercial wood framing.

History of Wood Framing

Did you know that wood framing has historically been used for construction and that in Europe, you can find wood framed buildings that are up to 500 years old? As urban populations continue to grow in major cities throughout the world, the demand for high-rise buildings has grown. The problem is that wood can burn up to 3 times faster than concrete and steel, posing a safety hazard in the case of a fire. It was not until recently that the potential of mass timber has been realized, and alongside revamping building codes and developing product standards, CLT became a game changer that is as safe as steel and concrete and comes with other benefits besides.

Benefits of Wood Framing

Given the choice between wood framing and another material, which should you go for? We share with you some of its benefits of wood framing:

  • Sustainability: Using wood for construction is much more environmentally friendly than alternatives such as cement and steel. In fact, it has been estimated to reduce our carbon footprint up to a staggering 31%! Trees absorb carbon, locking it in when it is used in a building. On top of that, it releases less greenhouse gases during the production process.
  • Cost and Building Efficiency: Although the costs involved with wood framing is on par with that of other materials, one benefit of wood framing is that it can be completed faster. This can help you to save on labor costs as workers will not be needed for the same length of time. In addition, because wood weighs less than concrete and steel, a smaller foundation will need to be built, saving you on materials and labor. The faster completion time is also good news for those on a tight deadline.
  • Design Flexibility: Another benefit of the lighter weight of wood is that it allows more flexibility when it comes to design. Without the need for as many interior support elements, designers are freer to experiment.

Work with US Framing for Commercial Wood Building Projects

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