Estate and Luxury

Estate and Luxury Framing

Ultra High End Luxury Estate Homes

We are not house framers, but we are the right contractor for your high end luxury estate. If you have a large complicated wood frame job. US Framing has a separate division for this type of work and will staff your job with the highly experienced superintendents and specialized crews. We understand that estate homes are quality driven and customer service is paramount. The clientele and owners of these projects only want to deal with the best and be treated that way.  Please keep US Framing in mind, when looking for a team who can provide these services for you, on your next Estate and Luxury project. Our teams know it can be costly on these projects, rest assured, US Framing will not sacrifice quality for price.

We strive to be competitive in our bid pricing, and we work to frame lasting relationships so that you’ll come back to us for future projects. If you need a reliable, highly-regarded commercial framing contractor, that strives to build quality business relationships, then contact the experts at US Framing today.

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